Technical Articles Section

This section contains technical papers I wrote during my time at QRF as published in CATV trade journals and some for the first time on the original web site I created. THESE FILES ARE NO LONGER ON THE QRF OR ATX WEB SITE.    These files may be printed as needed for general use by the CATV industry.  ALL may be used for instructional use by schools, colleges or CATV operating companies for introductory technical training.  update2.gif (1754 bytes) Refresh any pages you load as some have recently been UPDATED.  The changes will not be displayed if your browser cache has the older pages stored on your computer hard drive.
update2.gif (1754 bytes)   1.  Fiber Optic Fundamentals for CATV and Satellite RF Networks update2.gif (1754 bytes) PAGE 3 on April 22, 2020.
  1A.  Why SC-APC fiber optic connectors are preferred over FC-APC connectors.  NEW on March 23, 2016.
  2.  Spectrum analyzer view of an NTSC analog TV signal and a digital 8VSB signal.
  3.  Tuning up your CATV Bench Sweep Setup
  4.  Fixed equalizer selection theory and chart 
update2.gif (1754 bytes)   5.  NTSC analog video test signals with spectrum analyzer sideband display including QAM signals. update2.gif (1754 bytes) February 19, 2013.
  6.  Fiber optic installation in New York City.  February, July and September 2012.  Chassis bookmark added April 15, 2015.
  7.  Set your amplifier output to the "Sweet Spot"
  8.  Which QRF amplifier do I need?  (old article from 1990's)
  9.  Updating Olson Technology headend mods, demods, and processors with NEW 098-000090 power suppliesupdate2.gif (1754 bytes) July 12, 2011.
10.  Low Gain Hybrid Amplifiers in the Headend & at Home
12.  Fixed equalizer LOSS CURVES for QLX family of EQs.
14.  Basic CATV / MATV system design and layout.  ( 5 pages )
15.  US Broadcast and CATV Channel Assigned Frequencies ( 4 pages )
18.  Headend & Hub site Isolation Using RF Amplifiers.  ( 4 pages )
19.  AGC Setup and operations of CATV amplifiers.  ( 3 pages )
20.  Sample CATV Calculations Spread Sheet  NEW March 12, 2015