Fixed Equalizer Loss Curves
For those of you who have asked about the insertion loss of our various fixed equalizers, I have posted the following graphs of our QLX line of fixed equalizers.  These EQs are made in 2 dB incremental values of cable equalization.  The curves are generic and could be used for any of our types of fixed equalizers in the 330 to 860 MHz range.  Additional charts will be posted as they become available.  Comparisons by interpolation may be made to other types of equalizers that are offered in 1.5 dB or 3 dB incremental values (Augat, S-A, QEE 550, etc.)
Click on the link below to see a graph of equalizer losses versus frequency.
QLX 330 MHz QLX 400 MHz
QLX 450 MHz QLX 500 MHz
QLX 550 MHz QLX 600 MHz
QLX 750 MHz QLX 860 MHz
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