My Family Album - Photos from the past.

September 28. 2015:  I have begun to scan old photos taken by my mother and her sister Ruth.  There are also photos from my father's side of the family showing his brothers and sisters yet to be scanned.  This will be a continuing project with the updated published photos announced and linked from this MENU web page.

My mother was born in 1924 to Charlie and Alice Cooper.  These photos are from her collection.  The oldest photos will start the section about my mother and her older sisters.  Select from the links provided below.  This page has separate MENU tables to link to the pages showing family photos grouped by family members and their friends featured in the photos.  As this part of the web site grows, newer photos from my own collection will be posted.  I have some photos I took of a Cooper Family Reunion from

  Geneva - PAGE 1   Early images of her parents, and growing up to become a mother herself.
  Geneva - PAGE 2   More early photos.

Cooper 2006 Family Reunion Photos - June 17, 2006

  Ruth - PAGE 1   My aunt Ruth and her son Darrel, born in 1942.

My brother and sister we inseparable as young children.  Their story is told as they are together in these first few pages.

  Jean - PAGE 1   My sister Jean and early photos of our brother Billy

My photo story begins in 1947 - A "Baby Boomer" is born and there will be many adventures to come.

  Jerry - PAGE 1   The child is born to a 22-year old mother.

Family Vacations (1950's for now).  This category will include some "nearby" weekend getaways where photos exist. grnblink.gif (2083 bytes) January 3, 2016.

  Florida 1954   The first vacation to Daytona Beach I remember. (TWO PAGES)
  Florida 1955   We meet some friends in Daytona Beach, and see Saint Augustine

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