Vacations: Florida in the Summer of 1955 - Page 1.

January 3,2016:  The family photo boxes had another set of Florida photos in this Super Pak folder.
FL55_000.jpg (156311 bytes)

As you can see from the date stamps, these photos were processed in July 1955.
FL55_001A.jpg (503199 bytes)

FL55_002A.jpg (265564 bytes)

FL55_003A.jpg (477590 bytes)

FL55_004.jpg (202018 bytes)

FL55_005.jpg (239043 bytes)

FL55_006.jpg (178888 bytes)

FL55_007.jpg (180612 bytes)

FL55_008.jpg (105025 bytes)

FL55_008C.jpg (290163 bytes)

9  -  Behind the food wagon and its Model T truck is the hotel seen in the photos above.
FL55_009.jpg (226113 bytes)

10B  Old Spanish fort in Saint Augustine, Florida.  This is how it looked coming up from the parking lot in 1955.
FL55_010B.jpg (206080 bytes)

10C - Castillo de San Marcos National Monument is part of the National Park Service.  I am amazed at the detail that was in the photo.  I had to scan the photo at my highest value of 1200 dots per inch to read the sign.
FL55_010C.jpg (186417 bytes)

Here is an aerial photo from the internet I found today.
Castillo_San_Marcos.jpg (376267 bytes)

This Google Earth image shows how US 1 business route passes the fort.
Castillo_San_Marcos_GE.jpg (551314 bytes)

11  -  If I had to guess about this photo, it must be the street near the Spanish Fort.
FL55_011.jpg (438972 bytes)

As you can see, the horse and carriage tours are still doing well.
Castillo_San_Marcos_GE_tour.jpg (569045 bytes)

12  Speaking of tours, this one is on the waterway in front of the fortress.
FL55_012.jpg (304701 bytes)

13  Here is more of what we saw that day in 1955.
FL55_013.jpg (296906 bytes)

FL55_014A.jpg (334573 bytes)

FL55_015.jpg (388904 bytes)

FL55_016A.jpg (524717 bytes)

FL55_017A.jpg (409506 bytes)

FL55_018A.jpg (406947 bytes)

FL55_019.jpg (475761 bytes)

Jean, with your help, we can put some names on these photos before the rest of the family gets a look.   Jerry.

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