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December 23. 2015:  It has been 91 years today since the birth of my mother.  I think it is fitting that I have a chance to add more to her story on this day.  On this day in 1946 they went to an airport.   I have no idea if they went for any rides.
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Flo would pose for the camera any time, any place.
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Some days Claude and Geneva would go to some of the national park areas near Chattanooga.  There are a number of Civil War monuments at these parks.
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Geneva is on the right side of this photo with three of her friends.  I met the lady next to her a few years later.  Her family name is Holcomb.  Mom had s "studio" picture of her in her photo collection.
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Here is another photo taken with the ESSO sign in the background.  This time, the friends and my father are posing behind the car by the side of the highway near the Tennessee state line.  The car hiding behind them is the 1941 Pontiac.   Could it be the car belonged to my Father?  He has a pocket watch attached to that decorative chain through the belt loop of his pants.  Pants in those days had a "watch pocket" at the top of the right hand main pocket.
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This early image from a Polaroid Land camera has been cleaned up with my photo editing program.  Based on the car in the background and the clothes, I estimate this photo was taken about 1953-1955.  There were two major national bus lines at that time, Greyhound and Trailways.
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