My sister Jean and brother Billy - Page 1.

October 1. 2015:  The photos of my sister Jean and her older brother Billy as children will start this page.  They were born only 13 months apart in 1941 and 1942.  They played together as kids do as they grow up.
Billy+Jean_1943.jpg (697283 bytes)

This next photo shows my sister Jean, neighbor Sandra Grove, a very young author of this web site (me), and my older brother Billy all sitting on a log in front of a pond.  My sister thinks this location was at Fort Mountain State Park which was on US 76 at that time, about 20 miles East by road from Dalton, Georgia.
Jean_1948.jpg (869664 bytes)

Here is the cropped and cleaned-up center of the 1948 photo above.  Jean is 5 years old and has the curly hair and sits at the left.  I am the little guy with very light colored hair.  My brother Billy sits at the right end of the log and at age 6, he is a bit snaggle-toothed as he is the oldest of us.
Jean1948.jpg (514514 bytes)

This photo of Billy is him sitting behind his wooden machine-gun.  I would guess he has seen a World War II movie and his grandfather Charlie Cooper made this toy for him.  I would guess the date on this photo to be 1946 or 1947.  The photo is in its native scanned format, not edited.
BillyWooten~7.jpg (244274 bytes)

Here is the back of the photo and it says a lot.  That is my handwriting, but I am betting my mother put the kisses on it as he was her first born and she was young.
BillyWooten~7Back.jpg (141742 bytes)

As long as we are talking about my brother Billy, this photo is taken on the back of a 1941 Pontiac owned by Clinton and Flo Pack.  Billy is standing on the back bumper with oursister Jean.  This is the raw scan of the photo which has a poor focus and years of accumulated smudges.  This photo could be from 1945.
Billy&Teresa.jpg (839752 bytes)

After seeing the photo above, my older sister Jean sent me an email identifying her as the girl in the photo, not the aforementioned Teresa Pack.  Jean also mentioned the short haircut she has in the photo.  "Mom alsays said this picture was me.  Billy had given me a hair cut like his.  Ha ha!  I wanted to dress and look like him she said."  Here is another photo taken at the same time.   This photo had been creased and some of the emulsion was damaged.  I have cleaned it up a bit.  Billy has his right arm around her shoulders.
Bily_Jean1946B.jpg (133434 bytes)

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