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August 1, 2016:  This is the menu page for selecting a flight for use with Google Earth.  The table below will contain ZIP files with Garmin GPS database files in them AND Google Earth KMZ files.  The KMZ files are exported data files in a ZIP format that can be directly loaded into Google Earth as soon as they are downloaded to your favorite directory on your computer hard drive.  Those files will take you to a lot of places.  Be sure you have read the GOOGLE EARTH page on this web site.  All these files have been edited to work with Google Earth for smooth simulated takeoff and landing.  Use FAST FORWARD as needed if you get bored with wide open prairies, deserts, or oceans you may find in these flight files. 


2007 Five-Day Flight to Alaska - Wendell & Terry in a Cessna 182
2007 Alaska trip flown by Wendell and Terry (50 Pages of photos)
CLICK HERE for the ZIP file to Alaska.
October 2005: The Land of Enchantment RV Fly-in flight from Chattanooga to Santa Teresa, New Mexico in my RV-9A.  My original 13-page story with photos is found  HERE. LOE5 Google Earth ZIP File
Contains 13 Garmin GPS Log Files in ONE .gdb file.
Jerrie Mock - Around the World in 1964 

My Garmin data base file is completed for ALL the Jerrie Mock 1964 Flights from Columbus, Ohio to all her stops flying around the world.  Her 16-page story on my web site begins via this MENU PAGE.  The GPS ZIP file at the right can be downloaded to your hard drive, then extracted to get the Garmin data base (.gdb) file to be loaded INTO Google Earth.  NEW KMZ format files are available to load directly in Google Earth.   That file allows Google Earth to simulate the view from Jerrie's airplane as she flew around the world.
Jerrie Mock Version 12 "GPS" Files update2.gif (1754 bytes) July 31, 2016 (FINAL) also available as KMZ file for direct loading into Google Earth.
ALL flights from Columbus, Ohio around the world are now completed with some minor changes from Version 9. Download the NEW scenery file in KMZ format with artwork at the various airports where NIGHT operations occur.   Push Pin waypoints for ALL flight segments have hourly reporting points and special locations mentioned in the book are also in the NEW scenery file.  Columbus International Airport has a special folder showing the old runways and some blue taxi lights the way they were when Jerrie made her historic return flight into Columbus Airport in 1964.  This folder should be activated for flights beginning with the Bermuda flight departure all the way to the end of her journey.  Be sure the SUN option is selected in Google Earth view options.  The sun option is required to see all the night time features that begin at Bermuda.   The GPS data file time stamps control the sun position in the sky and resulting lighting of the views.  More information below.
2006 flights to DENVER and return with scenery notes in a Google Earth KMZ file that is easy to load in one step.  My original story about this trip is found on PAGE 213.  I used my real GPS file for the trip west to Denver, but could not find my GPS files for the return back to Folks Field.  I had a Street Atlas map file that showed the flight paths to and from Denver.  I created the return path GPS file using that map file to "connect the dots" in Google Earth as I did for Jerrie Mock. CLICK HERE for the Denver flights KMZ file.
(UPDATED September 11, 2016)
grnblnk2.gif (2083 bytes)
A new short VIRTUAL FLIGHT in the Rocky Mountains from Leadville, Colorado across Independence Pass and flying the valley route over Aspen and north to the Glenwood Springs airport.  This is a flight I want to do some day.  I created this flight using the skills I used to create the Jerrie Mock flights. CLICK HERE for the KMZ tour file showing the Leadville, Colorado flight to Glenwood Springs Airport. (Added September 7, 2016)
grnblink.gif (2083 bytes)
A one-day trip to Florida and back to North Georgia with a weather diversion near Macon, Georgia on May 12, 2007.  This story is found on PAGE 236.   Added 5/28/2015.
Local Flight from Rockledge Airport update2.gif (1754 bytes) June 14, 2015.  Take a look around where Enterprise is based in Florida.  I converted the file to a 2015 date and all the 3D objects are now displayed, trees, buildings, even my car near the taxiway.   Now with 3D Google scenery from 2015.  This flight was made in 2013.  Loading the original GPS file into Google Earth did not show any local 3D scenery new to Google Earth.  This was the first GPS tour file where I changed the DATE in all the data points to have a YEAR with new Google Earth scenery for the tour presentation.
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More GPS playback flights will be uploaded as they are EDITED for smooth operation with the Google Earth tour function found in the DESKTOP version of Google Earth.

Loading the Airport Scenery file is done the same way as loading the GPS file.  Be sure and remove the OLD GPS files from Google Earth before loading Version 12 GPS files and the new NIGHT operations scenery after unzipping that file to a location on your hard drive.  THE NEW KMZ files can be loaded directly into Google Earth.  Use the same hard drive directory where you put unzip the Version 9 GPS files.  DO NOT use the night operations scenery for the Columbus departure.  Night operations at Cairo, Manila, Guam, Wake Island, Tucson, Bowling Green, Kentucky, and returning to Columbus, Ohio need the SUN option running for the scenery to be active.