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December 20, 2017:  This is the day the underground cables were located by contractor.  He does power, cable TV, and telephone cables.  He started by finding cable TV and power.  The RED paint is marked FPL for Florida Power & Light.

The single orange lines are for CATV as he moves across the top of the underground culvert that drains the golf course

Cable markings from the street heading past the northeast corner of the lot in the back easement.  The camera automatic exposure matches the shadow area.

The cable path in the rear easement looking back toward the street.  I moved here to show this area in the bright sun.

Same cable path looking toward the CATV pedestal with an amplifier inside it.

The Orange curved line on the ground indicates the path of our current cable TV from the amplifier to the house going around the location of the tree philodendrons (now removed).

There are two orange lines on each end of the pedestal represent the large underground coaxial cable connecting to the input and output of the amplifier inside the pedestal.  The orange lines on this SIDE of the pedestal are the cables to our house and the one next door on the west site.

I have started putting topsoil on the old tree trunk and a few clumps of turf.

I am doing the same thing down by the sidewalk where the turf was lost when the hurricane debris was removed.

The second spot closer to the remaining grass gets the same treatment.

Here is the same view of the damaged area looking EAST from the speed limit sign.

Out back, the park area is starting to be cleared.

Some of the houses East of our location have lost all the trees in back, some of which are Brazilian Peppertree, an invasive plant that is being BURNED to prevent it from spreading.

That paved cart path is being removed.

Some big oak trees have been completely uprooted.

January 10, 2018:  The construction crews took two weeks off for the holidays and resumed work today at our place.  I have been waiting for this crew ever since the property line stakes were put up in December.  I talked to the supervisor and asked that he start at the northeast corner of the property instead of at the street in the easement area for the culvert.  That leaves an open path to keep the grass mowed until they start changing this area to match their site plan.

I watched them drive all the stakes across the back of the lot to be sure they did not hit the CATV drop cable that feeds our house.  I took all these photos after they were finished.

Now you see why they removed the tree philodendrons.  I have been getting my topsoil from this area to cover the old tree stump on the west side of the house, and replacing the topsoil from the grass that was removed along with the hurricane debris adjacent to the sidewalk.  I found an old sprinkler connection in the middle of the philodendron area.

One of the fence stakes hit a tree root as you can see.

After seeing all the lines for the utilities, you can see the easement for those cables more or less runs directly from the CATV pedestal past the two trees on the way to the street between the houses.  The spray paint on the ground has faded in the past three weeks and it has rained.

Early today when I was out running errands, a crew came by to remove the pile of tree philodendrons that were piled on the putting green.  That same crew removed the pile of trees that were removed from the drainage ditch area.  It remains to be seen if the tree at the center of this image will be removed.  The guy putting up this fence mentioned a drainage swale will be placed at the new lot line for LOT 22 as seen on page 49 of this part of the web site.  You can click HERE to return to that map on PAGE 49.

This photo from our side of the property line reveals the house is set back 15 feet from the property line, also shown on the maps on PAGE 49.

This image reveals there was more than ONE stake that hit a tree root.  The stake with the white flag is on the property line.

The three trees that remain at the northwest corner of the lot are two short palms and one tall palm tree.  The shorter leaning stake is the marker at the corner of the lot.

When the pile of tree philodendrons were removed from the putting green, there was a patch of rich top soil that was uncovered.  I brought some of that soil to help cover the old tree stump.  I also brought some turf patches to put here.  I will be bringing more to completely cover the remains of the tree stump.  I leave one of my small garden tools standing here as a reminder to the lawn guy NOT to mow here until this area can support his mower without scalping the transplanted turf segments.

The new source of top soil is also being added between the sidewalk and the street to fill the low spots as I transplant turf segments here.

As of the January 11, 2018 update to this web site, there are no additional photos to be added to this part of the web site.