Golf Course Preparations Begin PAGE 49.

December 12, 2017:  The surveyors have started laying out the property lines of all the existing homes adjacent to Phase 1 of the development.  There will be 50 lots on the golf course in this first phase.  When the stakes with the white flags appeared, I started taking these photos to verify the measurements with the information I downloaded from the online county map sources showing this property.

This marker in the street on the east side of the house is 100 feet north of the sidewalk for Meadowbrook Road.  From here to the first stake with the white flag is 50 feet that marks the northeast corner of the lot where it begins adjacent to the water easement for the Saint John's River water management storm drain from the golf course.  The culvert under the east side of the property connects to the Melbourne Tillman Canal that is just behind the houses on the south side of Meadowbrook Road.

As the surveyors passed the actual culvert that drains the golf course, they put their permanent marker on it that was not there before.

This is part of the base map from the county that I used to produce my map of the sprinkler system and the house on the property that measures 100 feet deep and 115 feet wide.  

The RED DOTTED LINE marks the property with the house on it.  The area north of the red property line has utility easements on it for power, cable TV, and telephone lines.  Photos showing the routes of the cables will be shown further down this page.

I received a map of the project at a recent meeting of the home owners association.  I have matched the size of that map to the map I created above.  Lot 22 of Phase 1 is seen here just eight feet from the property line for 1351.  That EIGHT feet has a utility easement for the cable TV, phone, and electric service.  My measurements for the location of the CATV amplifier matches the map from the developer from heavy black lines.  January 7, 2018:  I found a new marker stake in the ground 42 feet north of the CATV amplifier location could be on the property line between lots .  Based on the overlay map below, The CATV amplifier is 19 feet from the property line for lot 22 and 42 feet from the line between 22 & 23.

Here is a bigger view of Phase 1 map.

This is the bottom of the map above for better viewing in our area.  Lot 22 has the southeast corner of that lot just EIGHT feet from the northeast corner of 1351 Meadowbrook.

One of the key things I have been doing is checking the placement of the sprinkler heads near the north property line and where the temporary construction fence will be installed.  My measuring tape follows the line of the easement and we have one sprinkler right on that path.  When the underground utilities were being located, I realized how close the sprinkler heads and pipes are intermingling.

The telephone company access point is near the sprinkler head seen above and a few feet from where our lot begins.

This marker flag is where the northeast corner of the lot meets the Saint Johns River easement that drains the golf course area.