Golf Course Preparations Bigger View PAGE 52.

January 13, 2018:  The pavement from the golf cart paths is being broken up and moved out.  The IBIS birds are picking over the turned soil for worms and grubs in the ground.

The front-end loader is parked on the other side of the dump truck as the operators break for lunch.

I was standing on the putting green to take the two photos above.  It rained since the utilities in the ground were marked with colors of spray paint.

Here is a wider view looking north.  When this project is ready to build homes, I expect much of it to be level ground.

That is the area where the maintenance shed was located.  The concrete slab has been broken up and removed where you see the bare ground.

The utility locating guy came back to refresh the paint marking the cable TV path, power lines, and the telephone cables.

Here is the view looking northeast showing some of the remainder of the concrete slab from the maintenance shed.

January 14, 2018:  The winds have been blowing from the north as a cold front is coming closer.  This limb covered with Spanish moss came down between the fence and north side of the house.

The smaller limbs are quickly cut down to size to fit in the yard waste can and moss is compressed into the can along with the limb fragments.  This is Sunday before the garbage goes out to the street on Monday evening.

January 15, 2018:  Today I got to thinking about how much of the ground in this area is going to be reshaped in the weeks ahead.  I am standing near a marker flag that is on the lot line between future lots 22 and 23.  This is the first of a series of overlapping photos I made to show this area behind our home.

This view is looking west at the lots on the Pinehurst Court cul-de-sac.

Looking northwest toward the future lot 23 tells me most of the soil that created this putting green will pushed into the lower area ahead.  All those older trees are not going away.

Here is the view looking north now that the big dump truck and front end loader have moved to another area on the property.  The view now shows the existing homes that were closest to the old golf course clubhouse.

A wider view looking to the East across the putting green.

I wanted to be sure this series of photos overlapped to show everything around here with the marker flag in every photo.

The view looking south is missing the tree philodendrons that stood near the three palm trees seen here.

And the last photo from today closes the loop showing the house next door on the west side of 1351.

January 17, 2018:  One of the supervisors came by to look at the drainage ditch and realized they needed this flexible floating boom across the bottom of the trench.

I talked to the supervisor about the easement on the north side of the fence and the trees that are north of the property line.  He mentioned that an inspector for the city of Palm Bay will be coming out to address this area seen below since it involves utilities.  He mentioned that the permanent wall could end up being built five or six feet north of the property line as the utility easement serves the existing homes and will not be related to the new development. The city also wants to preserve many of the old trees.  I hope I can be out there when the city representative comes to meet the engineer for the development.

The trees seen in this image that were stacked in this area northeast of the house have all been removed as seen in the first photo below taken January 22, 2018.  I was just outside at the spot where I took this photo and heard only one piece of equipment working and smoke from a fire where the Brazilian Peppertrees are burning.  The wind is from the south as I write this and the smoke is going away from here.  The burn they had last week had a wind from the north coming across our location.  I stayed inside until it was over.  My car was covered with soot.

January 22, 2018:  A new sign was erected at the construction site today.  The sign is adjacent to the existing steel posts with a steel cable between them with an old NO TRESPASSING sign.  The grass just to right of this sign is worn down a bit from light trucks that come over that hump.  The construction supervisor came that way the other day when I spoke to him in the street beside the house.

I took this photo while standing just south of the cable with the no trespassing sign.  This image is the same view as the photo two places up the page two places.  Here the photo shows all the trees that were laying on the ground are now gone from the site.

This last photo today is looking up the old access road north of the cable with the no trespass sign.