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September 13, 2006:  This was my last night to review some things with Wendell before my road trip next week.   You can see he has been fitting the alternator and mounting bracket to the engine.  He still has some work to finish on that.
DSCR0076.JPG (339190 bytes)

He has done some trimming on the steel bracket for the throttle and mixture control cables.  The bracket had clearance issues with the engine mount that needed to be resolved.  I marked the bracket for additional shaping to clear the mount.
DSCR0077.JPG (334388 bytes)

September 18, 2006: I spoke to Wendell over the weekend while traveling.  He reports removing the fuel pump and putting in the fuel fittings on each side of the pump for fuel line connections from the fuel flow sensor and going toward the carburetor.  Since I am reporting this on the road, I don't have any photos to show you of that work.  I did receive an email from an RV-8 builder regarding landing gear bolts.  I need to review the photos of that work to provide an answer for him.  Part of his question was about bolt torque values.  Van's provides a table of bolt torque values in the front of the builders instruction book.

September 25, 2006: I visited Wendell tonight to check on his progress with the RV-8 project.  Here is a photo showing the fuel hose connections to the fuel pump, carburetor, fuel pressure sensor, and fuel flow sensor.  Wendell had a custom fuel hose made to go between the gascolator and the fuel flow sensor.  I demonstrated how to build a mounting bracket for the fuel flow sensor and the approximate location to mount it to the firewall.   We also measured the length of the fuel drain pipe needed for the gascolator.
DSCR0132.JPG (335197 bytes)

Here is a better view of the fuel flow sensor and the short custom fuel hose to the gascolator.  When completed, the mount for the sensor will hold it solidly to the firewall with a doubler plate on the inside.  Unfortunately, there is no structural angle behind that location on the firewall, since the rudder pedals are on the inside and clearance for their movement is needed.
DSCR0133.JPG (339080 bytes)

Here is the view of the oil pressure sensor hose running to the sensor manifold.  The Hobbs meter/oil pressure switch is installed along with the high pressure sensor.  You can see the oil filter extension has been installed at the bottom right corner of the photo.  The tachometer extension cable is ready to be connected to the tach sensor.  I indicated to Wendell where the tach sensor mounting bracket needed to be mounted.  The flexibility of the tach extension cable is the key factor in mounting the sensor to the firewall.
DSCR0134.JPG (336497 bytes)

Over on the right side, the cabin heat muff will soon be installed.  Here is the muff support structure placed for an initial fit on the exhaust pipe.  Those pillows down there were used when I was examining the clearance issues for the throttle and mixture cables and the exhaust pipe support linkages.  We also experimented with the routing of the red scat tube for the cabin heat vent door, etc.  It is going to be cramped in that area.
DSCR0135.JPG (337754 bytes)

The last photo of the evening shows the alternator and the ring gear installed with the v-belt to turn the alternator.
DSCR0136.JPG (332247 bytes)

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