The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas PAGE 344. 

November 11, 2010: I have been in this hotel complex one time before this trip.  This time, I am staying in this hotel and that gives me some time to see the indoor scenery.  For those of you who have not seen this, here is a peek at this unusual place.  The Grand Canal dominates the interior of the shopping mall and restaurants along the canal.
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The ceiling is always a blue sky view.
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This mural on the ceiling at the north entry to the casino is perfect for the period architecture of this palace.  The photo is taken from the floor below on the same level as the casino.
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The view out front of the hotel lobby has a replica of the Saint Mark's Campanile bell tower in Venice, Italy.  You can learn about the real bell tower via this web link to Wikipedia.'s_Campanile
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This pillar with bronze statue of a Phoenix guards the entrance to the Venetian Resort Hotel.  The Mirage is on the other side of Las Vegas Boulevard, AKA "The Las Vegas Strip".
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Gondolas out front hint at what is inside.  This is after all, Venice in Las Vegas.
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Treasure Island is to the north and across the strip.
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Here is the other side of the "canal" out front and the main entry to the hotel lobby by car, bus, or taxi cab under the arch.
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Here is one last look at the bell tower and both statues out front near the outdoor "canal" and the gondolas.
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The canal out front is lighted from below as you can see.
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Back inside this piazza (square) has two restaurants, an ice cream shop and street entertainment.
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The Gondola ride is a smooth trip along the full length of the canal.
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