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March 22, 2009:  Sunday brought clear weather, although somewhat bumpy at altitude across the Cumberland Plateau.  I went over to the hangar expecting to get out the "Enterprise" and get in a short flight to nowhere.  Wendell suggested that I ride along in his RV-8 to get fuel at the McMinnville / Warren County Airport (KRNC).  The price for 100LL AVGAS is only $2.41 per gallon over there and worth the ride!

Since this is my first ride in his airplane, I started taking photos on the ramp just after engine start.  The engine monitor tells it all as the oil temperature is still at the ambient temperature of 71 degrees F with the engine running at just over 1000 RPM.  I took this photo by putting the camera over Wendell's left shoulder and pointing in what I thought was the proper direction.  Even the GPS 396 is still booting up.
DSCT0502.JPG (181750 bytes)

Here is the traditional shot looking out the left side showing the runway to the south as Wendell pulls into position for the engine run-up tests.
DSCT0503.JPG (123027 bytes)

The climb out after takeoff is just outside the Chattanooga 10-mile Class-C airspace ring.  Lookout Mountain is ahead and to the right.  The reflection of the instrument panel is still visible even though I have a polarizing filter on my camera lens.  I commented to Wendell that this was the first time I have seen the golf course on top of the mountain.  I am usually flying across here in my airplane and busy doing the pilot thing to see all the sights below.  Today, I am just along for the ride.
DSCT0504.JPG (149739 bytes)

The view off the right wing includes the Chattanooga Airport just over 10 miles away.  Missionary Ridge is in the middle of the photo running north and south.   It was the site of one of the major battles around Chattanooga during the Civil War in November 1863.
DSCT0505.JPG (146441 bytes)

The ride to McMinnville was spent tutoring Wendell on the crosswind features of the Dynon D-10A.  We cruised along at 6,500 feet MSL for most of the route.   Full service and a low price for AVGAS are the rule here at KRNC.  The wingtip at the right is a Cessna 152 Aerobat.  The pilot was wearing a parachute and was obviously going out to get into some unusual attitudes.  I failed to take his photo as he came out for departure.
DSCT0506.JPG (170352 bytes)

Wendell helped to put away the ground wire as the attendant rolled up the fuel hose.
DSCT0507.JPG (188754 bytes)

The view on the other side of the airplane shows the Jet-A fuel pump, the Shell Oil sign, and the empty hangar of a local pilot out flying on this beautiful Spring day!
DSCT0508.JPG (161509 bytes)

This Cessna Cardinal is on the ramp preparing for departure as we head out to the taxiway for runway 23.
DSCT0509.JPG (127870 bytes)

This head-on shot reveals the pilot is aboard and will be leaving shortly.
DSCT0510.JPG (132273 bytes)

The last stop for prudent pilots is for engine run-up tests before taking the active runway.
DSCT0511.JPG (139098 bytes)

The ride back home to Chattanooga was at a lower altitude and smoother.   When we returned to the field, I had a chance to hear Wendell describe his approach technique from the north over the power lines in the field across the road from the runway.

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