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December 6, 2008:  The usual Saturday morning friends showed up for today's luncheon.  Terry McDowell brought venison prepared in two different styles.  There were plenty of side items and a few deserts.
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There was just enough flourescent light in the shop to prevent the flash from going off.   John Myers and Larry Champion are in an RV-8 discussion as usual.   I recently helped Larry align his RV-8 landing gear and drill them into the fuselage supports.
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Here is the all-electronic panel in Harley McGatha's recently purchased RV-7.
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Here is a closeup view of the mylar artwork. 
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Even though the flight home will only take about 20 minutes, Harley checks the fuel in the tanks before departure.
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This airplane got a new O-360 engine just before Harley bought it in North Carolina.  It has a Sensenich fixed-pitch "cruise prop" up front.
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The wing upper surface is covered with the vinyl flag artwork, but the wheel pants sure look like they are painted.
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