This page is about interesting places I have gone when traveling on business or pleasure.  And now it adds a Cessna 182 flying trip to Alaska taken by my friend and RV-8 builder, Wendell Folks.  My visit to the Flight 93 Memorial is now listed below.

  Tropical excursion on September 23, 2003 to the Turks & Caicos, Santo Domingo.
  Traveling in Texas - February 29, 2004  Round Rock to Dallas, Texas and Dealey Plaza photos.
  Oregon trip - May 2004.  This includes a stop at Van's Aircraft and to Central Washington state.
  Oregon trip - May 2004. Expanded version with EIGHT pages of photos.
  Oregon-Washington Business Trip - May 2008 (Airline Travel)
  Traveling on business in Bonaire, N.A. (Learn about Cable Television and High Speed Internet)
  Night Life in Miami/Doral Applebee's (Relaxing after a day at the office.)
  Nicaragua trip in February/March 2006.  My "Day Job" is going again after a year of building an RV-9A.
  Wendell's Trip to Alaska in his Cessna 182.   Or how to deliver an airplane to the new owner and take a mini-vacation (2007).
  Tennessee Back Roads- Cowan, TN. - October 9, 2007 (Small town USA)
  QRF Dinner Party - Stuart, Florida - October 24, 2008
  Flight 93 Memorial - Shanksville, PA - June 19, 2016 (Published July23, 2016)
  Arizona Trip via Airlines (day job) - July 6-9, 2016