Wendell's Aeronca Champ Heading to Amarillo - - Page 2.

May 7, 2013:  Terry took this out of focus telephoto picture looking ahead at 9:43 AM at a solid layer of clouds below.    The camera focused on the propeller arc as you can see by the reflection on the left side of the photo.  Regardless of the focus, the solid layer of clouds below is something to be considered here.
099.jpg (31844 bytes)

This view looking out the right side of the airplane shows a broken cloud layer below.
100.jpg (84915 bytes)

Wendell takes this shot at 9:47 AM looking toward the south from the route of flight.
DSC00992.jpg (66292 bytes)

The view looking north is about the same showing the peaks and valleys of a wave in the cloud patterns.  You can see how he aligned his camera with the right wing brace to the fuselage and not with the horizon in the distance.  They are about 50 miles from the Lawrenceburg Airport.
DSC00993.jpg (91341 bytes)

Wendell took this GPS photo at 10:15 AM with just over 13 miles remaining to the airport.
DSC00996.jpg (150411 bytes)

Down below is US 64 pointing the way to Lawrenceburg, Tennessee at 10:22 AM.   Wendell took this photo just before he started the descent and approach to the airport.
DSC00998.jpg (111101 bytes)

Terry took this telephoto picture of the airport as they fly the base leg to the runway where they will be landing to the north.
101.jpg (168016 bytes)

Here is the last photo before turning final approach to runway 35 at Lawrenceville (2M2).  US 64 passes the south end of the airport even with the red letters of the date on the photo.
102.jpg (124498 bytes)

Wendell is getting setup for the landing.  That runway is 5,000 feet long, but from this angle, it appears shorter.
103.jpg (94599 bytes)

On final approach to Lawrenceburg Airport at 10:24 AM Eastern Time, just 1 hour and 17 minutes after takeoff from Folks Field near Chickamauga, Georgia.  Terry did a good job with the telephoto setting of his camera on this shot.  Since both cameras have their time set to Eastern Time, I will be using that time for all the photos in these pages.  Lawrenceburg and all points from here to Amarillo are in the Central Time Zone which started in the next county just west of Chattanooga.  A look at the two VASI lights in the grass left of the runway says they are on glide slope with one light showing red and the other light showing as white.
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