June 2022 Vacation Day 17, Jackson, Wyoming, Grand Teton Mountains, Yellowstone National Park PAGE 42.

June 8, 2022:  A mile or so East from the intersection at Alpine, the road is entering eastbound into the BRIDGER-TETON National Forest alongside the Snake River hidden below the highway grade at the right side of this Google Earth image.

This is the southwest corner of the town square in Jackson, Wyoming.  This is what is seen coming into town on US 26 / US 89.  Those are antelope antlers that are shed yearly and gathered to be used here to make this arch.

Here is the southeast corner of the town square with the same type of antler arch.

The northeast corner of the town square has the same treatment as the other three corners.

The image below looking East completes views of the four corners of the town square and reveals the MILLION DOLLAR COWBOY BAR on the north side of the town square.

US 26 and US 89 leave the town square heading north toward Grand Teton National Park and Yellow Stone National park, where we are going today.

Here is the last commercial building on the north side in the city of Jackson, Wyoming.

This is the mileage sign we have been seeking since we left the motel this morning in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

There are a couple of motels and a gas station south of the first national park boundary.

Here is the southern boundary for Grand Teton National Park.  This is the first place on US 26 where the south end of the Teton Mountains are visible to northbound travelers.

This traffic circle offered a paved road toward the mountains and Snake River in front of the mountains.  Coming from the south, take the third exit in the traffic circle going toward the mountains on the road known as SAGEBRUSH DRIVE.

I took this photo on June 8, 2022 with my digital camera on the first paved access road to Grand Teton National Park.  The mountain peaks have more snow than the July 2018 image down below.

I matched this Google Earth image below to my camera photo above.  This Google Earth image was from July 2018.  

After taking my June 8, 2022 photo above, we turned back East to the Traffic Circle to go north, leaving the circle going LEFT out of this image.

The NORTH exit from the traffic circle looks like this with the Teton mountains on the LEFT as you go NORTH.  This circle is known as a "round about" for British visitors.  There is a new addition to the road NORTH of the traffic circle. 

 Folks from New Jersey are familiar with the "JUG HANDLE" to make a U-turn when they miss the intended turn.  This is used when folks using the traffic circle get off going North when they wanted to leave the circle going anywhere that is not NORTH.

This road going to the Jackson Hole Airport is less than 2 miles north of the traffic circle.  The airport has scheduled airline service for those of you who are not making a ROAD TRIP out here to see the sights in the western states as we have been doing.

Another 3 miles north of the road to the airport you will see this sign to turn LEFT at the next intersection.  The visitor center has a gift shop and a good view of the mountains.  They call this MOOSE JUNCTION because there is post office at a village known a Moose, Wyoming in the national park.   The LEFT turn here will take you across the Snake River bridge to a stop sign at the first intersection across the bridge.  Turning left there takes you to the drop-off entrance of the visitor center seen in the image below this one.

We went to the visitor center where Linda watched a movie while I sat with Chase on his leash in the shaded area of the building. Here is what it looks like from the drop-off zone near the main entrance.

There is a LIFE-SIZED moose statue just off the walkway to the entrance of the building.

I sat on a bench under the porch of the Visitor Center when Linda went inside to see a movie and get some souvenir books.  One large dog walked past us on a short leash putting Chase into a frenzy of barking at the big dog.  The large dog just kept walking, ignoring Chase since he is a smaller dog at about 20 pounds total weight.  The big dog could have been 80 or 90 pounds.

The building is U-Shaped built around a pair of large rocks seen here.

The north face of the building is all glass with an open view to the Grand Teton Mountains.

Below is the view looking north from the visitor center.  The image below is from August 2017 which is when there was almost NO SNOW on the peaks.  When finished here, go back to the main highway to the MOOSE JUNCTION sign and TURN LEFT to go North less than 3.5 miles to the Glacier View Turnout on the highway.  My images from that location are found in this section of the 2022 Vacation pages using the link at the bottom of this page.