June 2022 Vacation Day 10 PAGE 25.

June 1, 2022:  We move on now with Interstate 80 as our route west.

This is the Interstate 80 rest area next to the Great Salt Lake.  Google passed through this area on a cloudy day.  The railroad track between the lake and highway is clearly visible.

When we were driving across this desert flat land, I wondered where is the legendary LAND speed course out here?

The Utah DOT placed two rest areas with one on the East and West traffic lanes adjacent to the Bonneville LAND Speed race course.  Look carefully for the people at the edge of the salt flats and the person further away from them seen near the right side of this image below.  The Google Earth Compass rose is indicating this view is looking northwest.

This is the EXIT you take when you feel the NEED FOR SPEED!

Here is the last exit on the Utah side of the state line.

I had to look at I-80 for the Nevada State Line sign.  There is no official marker I could find on Wendover Street.  I had to use an aerial view from Google Earth to see what had been painted on the street in Wendover.

This image below is what you would see by getting off I-80 at exit 1 going into the town of Westover, Utah.  To go WEST on I-80, go to Westover Street ahead on the street seen below.   It is the route to get back on I-80 West to continue our trip across the Desert. 

Exit 1 from I-80 leads to the main street through Wendover after turning LEFT at the end of the off ramp. Going RIGHT at this intersection takes us west on Wendover Street toward I-80 West of town.   The state line for Nevada is just to the right of this intersection.

The state line is painted on Wendover Street as seen here.

This is a Google Earth Aerial view with their version of where the state line is located.  The state or the city of Wendover have placed the state line to the location of the WHITE LINE.  I put the big YELLOW LETTERS on opposite sides of the thin Google State Line.

We had our lunch from Arby's on the west side of the state line in Nevada.  This location is 1.3 miles West in Nevada after getting on Westover Street.

A right turn here goes to the very first interchange in Nevada for I-80.

This is the I-80 exit on the Nevada side of the state line for West Wendover near the Peppermill Casino seen in image above.

The WESTBOUND FREEWAY ENTRANCE in Nevada is after the second underpass.  The signs say WEST 80 and ALT 93 north.

Going up this ramp is getting on Interstate 80 westbound and US 93 Alternate route.

I put extra fuel in the tank to cross the Desert because of these road signs about limited services.  If one is closed, having the range to reach the next one is important.

The Interstate highway runs straight across the desert from one pass around one mountain or to another pass ahead.

This I-80 wildlife overpass is about 18 miles west of Wendover.  The fences on both sides of the overpass and across the top of it are covered with natural soil and plants to offer a familiar and safe crossing of the interstate highway for the wild life.

This view looking at the WEST side of the overpass gives a better view of the fencing over the top of this wild life pathway.  This You Tube video talks about this place and how the north side was repaired when the natural soil washed away when it rained here.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYJbhRAVtSo

Here is the other sign to watch for on lonely highways.

This Interstate 80 mileage sign is about half way between Westover and the town of Wells, Nevada.

We have come 59 miles from Wendover to Wells, NV.  This town is a crossroad in the desert with three major brand truck stops with their national brand fast food outlets.  When we left Wendover, Alternate US 93 came with us to this town.  The real US 93 has come here from Las Vegas, NV on its way north to Montana and the Canadian border.  We did not need to stop here and continued our way west on Interstate 80.

Our next fuel stop was at Airport Shell in Elko, Nevada.  This station was just one block off I-80 at Exit 301.

Today was a long ride from the La Quinta Inn near the Salt Lake City Airport down to Fernley, Nevada to the Super 8 Motel seen here.  The mileage today was 478 miles.  This is the END of DAY 10, PAGE 25.  It was not dark when we arrived here.