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July 25, 2019:  Brockway Mountain Drive is the first left turn from Michigan route 26 just west of US 41 turning south from Copper Harbor.  There are two switch back curves to get to the Copper Harbor Overlook where you can get good views of the town and the harbor.  The elevation here is about 120 feet above the middle of Copper Harbor and about three-quarters of a mile from route 26.

This wide shot reveals most of the harbor with the Lake Superior horizon not showing anything of Canadian shores beyond.

I got up along the rail and limited my view to show the main part of town including the restaurant where we had lunch and learned about this overlook and another one several miles south of here up on top of the mountain.

One more snapshot shows the part of town closer to the overlook.

Here is the first image taken by Linda at this overlook.  Her wider angle of view is plain to see.

She used the telephoto zoom on her camera to get this picture of the light house looking north across the harbor.

The next overlook at the high point on the mountain is 7.4 miles west from route 26 on Brockway Mountain Drive.  I was happy to find the Google Earth camera vehicle drove the length of Brockway Mountain Drive.  This image depicts the location where we captured our photos below this one.

 Yes, there is a ship out there in the haze.

My tripod and telephoto lens come to the rescue again.  The ship is headed west toward Duluth, Minnesota.

Here are the signs seen in the Google Earth image above.  On that day in September 2008, the wind was blowing up here a bit.  The same signs in my photo from July 2019 are hanging straight down since there is virtually no breeze at all on this summer day.  Yes, it was warm.

Can you imagine how many tourists have taken photos of these signs?

From the first sign giving the record snowfall in this county, the beginning of US 41, and now these historical signs, the Keweenaw County Road Commission has made their mark on the memories of tourists over the years.  I was please to see the fine print signature from the road commission.  They do more than snow removal in the colder months of the year.

I was just thinking about this county map and finally noticed the "YOU ARE HERE" words and the arrow pointing to this vantage point.  They did not mention the elevation of the water in Lake Superior is just over 601 feet above sea level.

This second Google Earth image looks west from Brockway Mountain overlook.

Time of day makes all the difference in the quality of a photo.  The Google Earth image above was early in the day, while my photo below was in the afternoon.

The image below is Lake Medora we passed on the way up US 41 to Copper Harbor.  That mountain in the distance is a ski resort I flew over in my airplane in 2005.

Linda took this wide angle view looking northwest from the top of the mountain.

Linda took this photo of a sign I did not notice in the observation area.

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