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JULY 21, 2019:  Where can you get a drink of whiskey in this DRY county?  Visitors can buy a whiskey tasting ticket for extra cash over the basic tour admission fee.  The gift shop sells Jack Daniel's whiskey bottles of various eras, which they will fill with your favorite whiskey for FREE.  You pay only for the bottle officially, which costs about the same as if you bought it from your nearby liquor store.

When you enter the visitor center, this statue of Jack Daniel is the first thing you see.  This room also has exhibits about the history of the company with plenty of photographs.  This is also where you buy your tour tickets.  The exit is by the Gift Shop where you can buy your commemorative bottles of Jack Daniel's whiskey.

This exhibit explains the process of making whiskey with each step numbered.

This old truck is promoting the Jack Daniel's Store on the Lynchburg town square.  There is a walking path outside this building that is a short cut to the town square.

At the end of the tour day at Jack Daniel's, taking the walk down to the town square reveals these three store fronts for one big gift and souvenir shop on the East side of the court house.

The first stop on the tour of Jack Daniel's is at the top of the hill behind the main facilities.  This is a large barrel house for storing whiskey barrels for the number of years needed for proper aging of the different types of whiskey they make here.  

I checked the surrounding area using Google Earth and found over 70 more similar "barrel house" buildings in the county.

A short walk down the hill takes you to the place where a natural spring is the source of all the water used to make Jack Daniel's whiskey.  That dark area behind us is the cave where the spring flows out of the hillside.  My souvenir tour ticket is clearly visible in my shirt pocket.  Linda has her camera in her hand as the tour guide takes our pictures with my camera.

The tour guide wanted to take a second picture and of course Linda was not looking into the camera lens for this second photo. 

Not far from the spring is this burn area where they make their own charcoal to filter the alcohol before it goes into the barrels for aging.  No pictures were allowed in the buildings holding the mash vats, stills, and the processing of the whiskey before and after it comes out of the barrels for bottling.  The stills run all the time, as do the vats that ferment the mash to create the alcohol for the whiskey.

This is the last stop before returning to the welcome center seen at the top of the page.  This is where you get to ask questions.  The tour guides are well versed in the history of the company and the entire process of making Jack Daniel's whiskey.  The lady in the red hat was our tour guide today.

My last photo of the day was this one with Linda posing with Madeline, our tour guide today.  I commented about how she resembled actor Robin Tunney that has played parts in a number of television shows. I told her about my "49 face theory" and how everybody looks like someone famous.  The number 49 just popped into my head the first time I remember talking about familiar faces every where I go.

Here are a couple of photos of Robin Tunney from the IMDB web site.  These photos above and below prove my "49 Face Theory" about how everybody looks like somebody famous.  The career of most television and movie actors are available from the Internet Movie Data Base (IMDB).

    Robin Tunney

There is always big business behind a popular product like Jack Daniel's whiskey.  This brick building facility on the road leaving Lynchburg appears to be an administration facility with a lot of folks working here.  The larger building behind it must be a warehouse used for shipping.

A closer look at the entry driveway shows a gate house and two big trucks with containers for shipments of cases of whiskey that can go anywhere worldwide.  The little sign with the right turn arrow is the visitor and employee entry to the admin building.

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