Oregon - May 16, 2004

This Sunday was about a leisurely ride along the Columbia River from Longview, Washington to the Pacific Ocean and back again to the Portland, Oregon area.  Riding along US 30 is a lush green path to the ocean.  There is a ferry across the river at Westport, Oregon.  It was a good place to stop and see a bit of the local color.
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And of course, the first person we meet is from Australia, not a local.   This cyclist was on holiday from "Down Under" and riding along the river and up the Washington coast line.  He is a building contractor from Sydney, Australia.   He had just flown into Portland the day before and took the bus (with his bicycle checked as baggage) to Astoria, Oregon after getting to the Portland airport.
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Not everyone was at the ferry dock to catch the ferry.
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The spring colors were not limited to Washington of course.  This is along old US 30 in what is now a residential area.
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This marsh area along old US 30 is a home to eagles.
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This map of eagle habitat tells the details of this area.  I was not fortunate enough to see any Twilight Eagles during my brief stop. 
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That was the morning.  Lunch was in Astoria, Oregon -- which is on the next page along with the OREGON coast.