Oregon - May 16, 2004 along the Oregon coast.

After lunch, the sea port town of Astoria, Oregon had some nice sites.   There are plenty of post cards showing the docks, the big bridge taking US 101 over the Columbia River to Washington state, etc.  But few pix show these sights.   This classic old home a few blocks from main street is just great with all that detail and ornamental iron work.
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And yet, just one block away is the old jail shown in the photo below.
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This coffee shop over on Commerce Street was well advertised by this sign.   There was a street fair with many street vendors in tents along several blocks of the downtown area adjacent to this shop.  The smell of cotton candy, caramel corn, and other food court smells made it a tantalizing place.
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Just down US 101 is the town of Seaside, Oregon.  Looking toward the southwest from the west end of "U Street" reveals this rocky coast line.   An attempt to walk down to the surf across those rocks was tricky and unsafe due to the poor footing on the shifting rocks.
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Looking north along the shore shows a mountainous coast line which is in Washington state.
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And there are some interesting little tourist stops along the way from the coast on US 26.  This is located at the Klootchie Creek Campground about one mile EAST of the intersection of US 26 and US 101.  I don't think this needs any further description.
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The stream that is crossed when getting into the site is loaded with Pacific Salmon during spawning season.  The day I was here, it was a quiet stream without any noticeable activity.
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It was the kind of place where you want to park the car under a shade tree and skip a few flat stones across the water.
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There is more to come, but it is late in the evening while I write this in Miami on September 14th, 2004.  More to be posted tomorrow night when I activate the LINK to the next page and Van's Aircraft.