Pennsylvania Visit - February 2012.

February 5, 2012: (Sunday)  The girls had to show me their pose each one used at the end of their gymnastic floor exercise.    Megan mugs for my photo, while Katie becomes "The Statue".
DSCW0118.JPG (168485 bytes)

Katie demonstrates a hand stand.  She can stay in that position longer than I thought she could.  They are in top physical condition.
DSCW0120.JPG (152237 bytes)

Megan does her hand stand with legs straight up!
DSCW0122.JPG (148583 bytes)

Katie demonstrates her skills on the bar while I try to get my photos to snap at the correct time in her moves.
DSCW0126.JPG (126968 bytes)

DSCW0128.JPG (116524 bytes)

DSCW0129.JPG (131064 bytes)

Megan does a couple of flips for me while I struggle with the photo timing again.
DSCW0131.JPG (158878 bytes)

DSCW0132.JPG (142529 bytes)

DSCW0133.JPG (153334 bytes)
That face shows the concentration she has during the movement.

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