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September 7, 2009: This is the Labor Day Holiday in the USA and I am with family again in Pennsylvania.  I had to get these two to pose for the camera yesterday, not knowing if I would get any better photos during my short weekend visit.  They don't smile sincerely in this photo.
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The playroom downstairs is well-equipped with many toys and some educational decorations as you can see.
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The girls are playing behind the game storage boxes seen in the photo above.   They have a new kind of coloring book I have never seen before.  The "colored" marking pens have an ink that is clear on your skin, the walls, etc.   But when you mark on the special paper inside the coloring book, the true colors become visible.  What a great idea!
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Megan strikes a pose for my camera after I took the candid photo above.
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With Katie being "camera shy" behind the chair, Megan gives me a really gleeful smile and a giggle!  Megan had her fourth birthday last month.
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Katie finally starts to play along while I continue taking photos.  She will be six years old next February, and she is getting taller!
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Some paper and colored markers can produce an airplane that flies.  She just released it as the flash goes off.
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Finally, an agreeable pose before the real show begins.
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My son Jason gets one of the electronic games out the girls have been saying is not working correctly.
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Katie's curiosity takes over and has to see what her dad is up to.
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