OSHKOSH 2010 -- Monday, AirVenture Opening Day PAGE 23.

July 26, 2010: Edward completed his 180-degree scan of AeroShell Square with this photo.  The first of those two DC-3s  is about to touch down on runway 18 RIGHT in the center of this photo.
IMJ_0066.JPG (110632 bytes)

I snapped this photo of the nose of the Eastern Air Lines DC-7 parked near the B-17G on the south side of the square.
DSCV0128.JPG (161580 bytes)

Edward took this shot with a wider view.
IMJ_0067.JPG (133612 bytes)

He then moved across the ramp to get this full profile of this pristine DC-7.
IMJ_0068.JPG (123703 bytes)

I took my photo from a position on the ramp where I could see as much of "FLY EASTERN AIR LINES" without the propeller blades blocking the words.
DSCV0129.JPG (140177 bytes)

Here is Edward's photo showing the "full on view" of the B-17 bomber.
IMJ_0069.JPG (133742 bytes)

We had stopped in a cafe near the flight line with big umbrellas on the tables to shade us from the sun.  We had a couple of ice cold root beer floats that were really good in the hottest part of the day!  There were a couple of Australian guys sitting at our table on their first trip to AirVenture.  We were in a good conversation when the air show started as it usually does with sky divers showing the colors on the way down to show center and the AeroShell aerobatic team of AT-6 airplanes circling them and providing smoke trails over show center.
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The national anthem was played and I got up to salute the flag and the Aussies got the idea by standing up to also honor our flag.
IMJ_0081A.JPG (96435 bytes)

I did not recognize the flag on the left, but the one on the right is remembrance of POW / MIA soldiers that never came home.
IMJ_0073A.JPG (101235 bytes)

Here is one the four airplanes from the AeroShell team following closely to the course of two of his team in front of him.
IMJ_0076.JPG (79957 bytes)

These three DC-3s from the mass arrival also made a formation pass.  I did not notice if one of them took the skydivers up to make the jump.
IMJ_0083A.JPG (129557 bytes)

This shot is looking across the show plane parking area toward the runway as one of the performers makes a high-speed pass down the runway approaching show center.
IMJ_0084A.JPG (145403 bytes)