OSHKOSH 2010 -- Monday, AirVenture Opening Day PAGE 19.

July 26, 2010: These two P-51's on closed runway 4 started warming up their engines in preparation for relocating on field.  The volunteers started clearing out spectators.
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The volunteers discuss the pending move of the P-51's as an escort is being arranged.
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Edward heard the distant sound of jets inbound for the airport and focused in on these guys over flying the runway.
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After the pass down the runway, they start their turn downwind into the pattern for runway 36 LEFT.
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We then continued to walk runway 4 Warbird parking to get more photos.   This P-51 is at the south end of runway 4 near the taxiway intersection.
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Here is that P-51 "Charlotte's Chariot II" we photographed leaving Dubuque Airport on Sunday morning.
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Here is an L-39 in a Blue Angel's paint scheme.
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A T-28 and another L-39 are followed by a Lockheed T-33 from the 1950's.   T-28s were used in Viet Nam for close air support down low over the tree tops.   Runway 4 / 22 is closed during AirVenture each year for Warbird parking as it is again this year.
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A couple of more L-39 jets are down the way, with an antique jet trainer on the left side of the photo. 
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If any of you know this airplane parked here with the two small jet engines in the nose, send me an email with a link to its origin and model number.
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DC-3s have been around since the 1930's.  When Edward snapped this photo, I told him about the five-meter fiberglass satellite dish that was slung under one of these airplanes and flown into the back woods of Alaska in the 1980's, with the remaining antenna base mount parts inside the fuselage.
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