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July 11, 2015:  If you have been reading these pages on Jerrie Mock and my regular pages when I am not flying, you know I have been creating GPS files that work with the Google Earth desktop version using Internet Explorer to provide a tour of her trip around the world in 1964.  This weekend of July 11-12 I was traveling toward a few company customer meetings in Pennsylvania and New Jersey to introduce a pair of new fiber optic RF products.  I normally stay with my son and his family in York, PA before making the rounds of my customers in that area.  Since that did not work out, I put in a 250-mile detour at my expense to see "38 Charlie" publisher Wendy Hollinger and Susan Reid (Jerrie Mock younger sister) in Newark, Ohio.

My arrival was about 5:45 PM Saturday afternoon at the home of Wendy Hollinger.   We had a good first meeting and talked about the interviews she had with Jerrie before the 50th Anniversary commemorative book was published.  She arranged for a dinner meeting with Susan Reid at a nearby restaurant and conversation was about what I was doing with the GPS files for Jerrie's flight.  I confirmed some information I had assumed about the departure day from Columbus for the 1964 flight since Susan was there to see Jerrie off on the flight to Bermuda.  She was there for the return home 29 days later.

After dinner, I went to Susan's home and put Google Earth on her computer and the file to demonstrate the flights from Columbus to Calcutta.  This gave her joy to know that she can see the world from Jerrie's view point in the 1964 flight.  I had time to show her the takeoff from Columbus, the mountains of West Virginia and Virginia, crossing the Outer Banks at North Carolina, and the landing in Bermuda.  I also gave a demonstration of the features from Bermuda to Santa Maria with the sunset, stars moving across the night sky, sunrise in the Azores and the landing at Santa Maria.  I explained the crosswind ramp take off from Santa Maria and the landing at Casablanca with the old images when the airport was still there.   The rest she gets to explore on her own time now that she has the program installed and the current "GPS" file for Jerrie Mock.

July 12, 2015: I went to "The Works" science and history museum In Newark at 11 AM to meet curator Marcia Downes and Wendy to work out some details of how the Google Earth flight of Jerrie Mock should best be presented to the museum patrons when the exhibit finally opens to the public.  They will fly the path and pick out the interesting images to create a video that can have narration added to it.   When completed, the files for Google Earth will recreate the flight segments in real time.  Using fast forward over the oceans and desert is the way to view it on a computer.  Recording the video highlights is the best method for the museum to use in their exhibit area.  Anyone wanting to see the trip for themselves will be able to use Google Earth online the way I am doing to look at anything along the flight path.

This is one of TWO bronze statues cast of Jerrie Mock.  The other one is located at the Columbus, Ohio International Airport and holds a globe of the Earth in her hands.  This one at the museum holds the 50th Anniversary hard cover book "38 Charlie" in her hands.
DSCW1332.jpg (257352 bytes)

Jerrie's statue is facing the museum building from her location in the courtyard.  These photos were taken after our meeting described above.  Wendy has the long hair.  The model for the statue was Jerrie's sister Susan Reid.   The sisters were the same small size at the time of the flight in 1964.  Susan loaned her white blouse to Jerrie since it was made of a wash and wear fabric.
DSCW1334.jpg (233246 bytes)

Here is the plaque at the foot of the statue.
DSCW1336A.jpg (257536 bytes)

This camera angle shows more of her profile seen in the photo when she was awarded the Federal Aviation Agency Gold Medal Award at the White House as seen on page 15 of this series.
DSCW1337.jpg (246312 bytes)

The bronze book is a good likeness to the collectors book I have.  The watch on her wrist is a model of her Bulova Accutron she wore on the trip around the world.
DSCW1338.jpg (234462 bytes)

Museum guests will enter the courtyard from those two doors with Jerrie there to greet them.
DSCW1339.jpg (238201 bytes)

This bronze statue of Howard LeFevre stands near the main entrance to the building.  He is the founder of the The Works.
DSCW1340.jpg (208116 bytes)

DSCW1341.jpg (178866 bytes)\

Newark has a good looking town square with plenty of trees on the court house lawn.  This view is looking at the East side of the building.
DSCW1343.jpg (143569 bytes)

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