Night Operations Airport Scenery PAGE 17.

September 13, 2015:  If you have been reading these pages on Jerrie Mock and my regular pages when I am not flying, you know I have been creating GPS files and NOW, the scenery files for NIGHT OPERATIONS are now completed.   There is a file with many hand drawn objects to highlight the runways, taxiways, and some lights at all airports where Jerrie had night landings and takeoffs.

Here are samples for the Columbus, Ohio Airport.  Here is a screen capture from Google Earth with ALL the scenery turned OFF for the first flight of her trip from Columbus to Bermuda.  The column at the left shows the folders for the airports that have scenery details for night operations.
CMH_LINES_NOT.jpg (1072144 bytes)

Here is how Columbus would look for the departure if you have the CMH LINES block checked.  USE the SLIDER bar at the bottom of your browser window to see just how much the main runway at Columbus was moved between 1964 and 2015.
CMH_LINES.jpg (1061045 bytes)

Here is the other end of the Columbus Airport showing the OLD location of the runways used by Jerrie Mock for her departure and return flights.
CMH_LINES_23.jpg (1146019 bytes)

This old 1994 image from Google Earth shows a black and white image of runway 23 before it was removed.  I used this image to create all my lines and runway numbers for the Columbus 1964 "scenery" for her night time arrival at the end of her trip around the world.  Take notice of the bigger black slider bar in the upper left corner of the Google Earth image below.  To get this older image, you must click on the date 1994 at the bottom left side of the image.  A good time to select the old image is on the ramp before departure from Bowling Green, Kentucky.
CMH_LINES_23_1994.jpg (988150 bytes)

This screen capture shows the night time arrival at Columbus Airport the way Jerrie saw it that night at the end of her journey.  This was the beginning of her high-speed LOW PASS down the runway for marking the exact time she crossed in front of the control tower as part of the world speed record official documentation.                                                                     
CMH_Return_1964.jpg (507293 bytes)

The actual end of her flight was her landing on runway 23 at 9:35 PM Eastern Time.  That runway no longer exists today.
CMH_23_Arrival.jpg (450075 bytes)

At this point, I feel I have enough files to give a reasonable experience to those of you who wanted to share the journey Jerrie Mock made in her solo 1964 trip around the world in her Cessna 180.