Pennsylvania Visit - August 2007

August 18, 2007: More fun with the girls inside.   It's snack time!  What could be better than milk, juice, and some dry cereal to munch on?  And yes, that is the top of my laptop computer screen at the bottom of the picture.
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Shall we play a game?
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Just look natural, Megan.  She is sometimes camera shy, or too curious about how the flash knows when to pop up and go off.
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Mommie's HOME!  YAAAYYY!
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Here is the current family album shot.  Smile Megan...and so she does - BiG Time!
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Sit with "granpa" and smile, Megan.  Katie is looking at dad, not the camera mom is holding.  Megan is looking at dad, too!
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As cute as this little one was in this moment, I cannot remember what we were saying here.  Katie looks like she is on hold.  I wonder what she was thinking?
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But then when Katie "got granpa to herself" and she saw how the camera worked, well, that was different!
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