Pennsylvania Visit - August 2007

August 18, 2007: Katie has their undivided attention.
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Now she gets to see how her dad's Nikon digital camera stores pictures.
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There is no place like sitting with mommie, lammie, and a good thumb when you just turned two years old.
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August 19, 2007:  Sunday afternoon and mom is out shopping.  Dad and the girls do their usual Sunday amusements, then it is afternoon snack time to tide them over until supper time.
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Hello granpa!  Megan's vocabulary really increased since my visit last April.  She was just doing a few words then, now she has over 100 words and expresses thoughts in short sentences.
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Not to be left out, Katie comes over to get into the closeup photos.
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Now that photo will someday cheer a young man's heart when he sees his lady as a two-year-old charmer.  Of course, Megan will be upset with granpa for showing these pictures to him in the first place.
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At three and a half, Cheerios make a great snack.  Talk about BLUE EYES!
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After dinner, it is almost bed time.  Tomorrow, I have to go to work in Philly, then over to New Jersey, to the D.C. area, then back home to Tennessee by the end of the week.
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