Visiting My Family in York, PA. - - A Walk in the Park.

September 17, 2006:  It has been over a year since I last visited my son Jason.  We had lunch at the York, PA airport last year after my trip to Oshkosh and New England in my airplane.  This visit is via my car before making a number of business meetings in PA, Ontario, and Michigan.  Here is Jason pushing older daughter Katie in the kiddie swing at a favorite park for children.
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Katie loves to swing HIGH! I had put her into the swing and began the session, but realized I needed Jason to take over to allow me to take this series of photos, and some home movies.  Mom Christine gets the toddler Megan ready for her turn in the swing also.
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Megan gets a start on walking after getting out of the swing.  Mom helps to keep her stable on the mulch surface.
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Both girls wanted to get on something beyond the swings.  Megan is not so sure about her steps.
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After a "sit down" fall, Megan holds up her hands and dad shows her the way to brush off the mulch chips.
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Baby Megan wants to try the slide.
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Come on dad, let's go up here!
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Katie asks mom to help her work the rings, hand-over-hand.
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Is it time to go home yet?
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