Visiting My Family in York, PA. - - Home for Dinner and Fun.

September 17, 2006:  From the afternoon out to home again for dinner.  Megan has her juice and is waiting for the main course.
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Katie sits at the other end of the table with her drinks, also waiting for the evening meal.
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After dinner is over, the family poses for a photo in the new house.   Katie sits on mom's lap with her"photo smile" ready for the camera.   Megan just wants to know what that bright light was all about.
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The basement play room has plenty to keep a little girl busy and the room to spread out and enjoy all that stuff!
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So many choices...where to begin?
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Katie wants to find out what is in the basket.  This bag should hold that stuff...
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I took this picture by the "point-and-shoot" method.  Now if I could just get Katie to smile.
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There is no doubt about Megan's teething experience at this age.  She has her eyes on dad across the room.
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There are plenty of toys to keep both girls occupied.
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