The tree by the lake PAGE 21.

July 11, 2021:  The clean up at the street is just about complete.  Even the small piles of twigs that have been raked up at the street can be collected by the big claw on the truck.

The man on the ground uses a rake to get the remaining limbs in a pile to be grabbed in the clam shell.

There was not much to grab, but even less remains on the street.

A bit more to rake into a pile on the street.

The operator was able to "sweep" up the remaining debris without damage to the pavement.

There is the final drop into the bin.  The operator then stowed this portable "crane" to make the truck ready to drive away. 

The lady who signed the contract with Linda for the tree removal stopped by after the morning crew was done.  Her job is to use this stump grinder to remove the last vestige of the tree by the lake.

This piece of equipment passed through the gates to the back yard with TWO INCHES to spare on either side of it.

July 13, 2021:  Linda and I raked up the left over wood shavings from the stump grinder.  The wood chips went into the fire pit.