New Dock Finishing Touches & Aquatic Weeds PAGE 16.

October 29, 2020:  My father was born on this day in 1914.  He lived to reach age 57 at the time of his death in February 1972.  I am now 73 years old and careful about my dietary supplements and only require two prescriptions, one for blood pressure control, and another to prevent acid reflux.

As you can see below, the folks from Aquatic Weeds are on site doing their regular weed control beginning with the neighbors to our north.  The guy on the shore in the blue shirt had a chance to talk with the crew that was finishing up the dock and cleaning up the job site.  The guy in the blue shirt talked about a weed control job they did one day after his customer put in a new dock which he did not mention to the weed control guy.  One of the processes to clear weeds after cutting them loose from the floor of the lake is to anchor the boats to the lake bottom and use prop wash to push the weeds to an area near the shore for removal.  It was that process that loosened the pilings from a new dock and caused a major rework to secure the dock.

There is a 1/2-inch electrical cable that has been re-used on the new dock.  you can see how it is wrapped around the tall poll below the dock.  I will be putting in an electrical outlet on that pole for general usage.

The work boat is removing weeds from this area and placing them on the land on the other side of the dock seen beyond our dock in the foreground of this image below.

There is an electrical outlet that was attached to the first piling of the old dock.  I will be attaching it to the new dock and mounting an AC-powered flood lamp soon.

The crew from Aquatic Weeds has more work to do.

Back and forth with weeds going to the unloading area north of that dock seen in this photo.

If you have not seen the earlier web pages about removing the weeds earlier this year, the boat is powered by a 15-horsepower diesel engine that runs a hydraulic pump to work everything on this front-end loader and weed cutter.

This image is taken north of our dock with the tines on the front basket stuck in the bottom of the lake here where the water depth is is less than 2 feet.  These guys completed their weed control job this afternoon.

October 31, 2020: It is early morning when I snapped this full moon image at 7:22 AM as it was setting in the west across the lake behind the house.

I took three photos with the camera at the same location on my tripod in a two-minute time frame.  I cropped the images below from each of the full photos, with the first one seen above.  The time between photo 1 and 2 was enough to see the difference in the moon position above the horizon.  The third image was not delayed enough to see the moon lower to the horizon.  The fourth image had been zoomed on my camera lens setting.  It has been a long time since there has been a FULL MOON on Halloween Night.  That will be about 12 hours after I took these four images when the moon rises in the East.

ONE TWO THREE FOUR (Magnified Slightly)

Here is the shore end of the dock with the power box located the way it was on the old dock.  We purchased a new LED flood lamp and a new socket to hold the lamp.  The socket was made to push a spike into the ground as used to light up outdoor trees and the house.  I drilled a 1/2-inch hole in the 6x6-inch piling to accept the spike from the light socket.  The GREEN BOX below the lamp is a radio-control receiver with two electrical outlets to turn on remote lights like this one.  The first hole drilled into the piling was on top of the piling, which turned out was too far away for the short power cord to the light socket.  I filled that hole with RTV silicon caulk to keep water out of that hole.  I added four 12x12-inch paver stones to minimize the chances for a fall like I took the other night.

Out at the platform, I have attached the power cable that runs under the dock to a new weather-resistant outlet box just above the platform.  The black cable is 1/2 inch diameter with FOUR 10-gauge copper wires inside.  I only needed three wires to connect to a new AC plug at the other end of the dock and to the outlet in this box.

I noticed one of the side lights on the tall pole was pointed in a direction that I did not set up.  I found some strips online from Amazon with sharp points to discourage birds from landing on this pole.  I show how they were installed on the next page.