New Dock Finishing Touches PAGE 17.

November 2, 2020:  I am getting a chance to finish up these pages about the new dock.  I came out to the dock early this morning to see the lights before they went off.  This image has been enhanced for brightness.

Here is the light mounted half way down the dock from the shore to the platform.

This photo is not modified showing the early twilight conditions before sunrise.

November 5, 2020:  The bird deterrent spikes have been installed on the dock to keep bird droppings from getting on the solar panels.  I cleaned the remaining poop residue after I took this photo.  This photo shows two rows of spikes, each having a four-inch section removed, with one of the removed sections on the top of the 4x4 post.  All the sections are secured to the wood with screws.

The side lights were moved when birds perched on them.  I had to rotate them to a down position to keep them pointed properly.  I will be watching the sunlight shadows on the winter and summer solstice days to decide if I can take off four inches of these spikes at the top of the pole at the platform.

Here is the side view of the spikes extending on the south face of the pole.  The view of the shadow on the solar panel on June 22 will indicate if I need to break off the four-inch sections on the three strips at the top of this tall pole.  The spikes are built on material that is 12-inches long and 2 inches wide.  There are TWO score lines at four-inch intervals to adjust the length of the spike array.

I had plenty of the bird spikes left over and used them on the poles at the beginning of the dock on shore.

Here is the final mounting of the radio-controlled LED flood light at the beginning of the dock.  This light is AC powered.

November 24, 2020:  Here are some final photos of the dock taken this afternoon.  This walk to the end of the dock shows we still get several species of birds that like the dock.  The Cormorants get on the dock to dry their wings after swimming under the water to catch their fish for lunch.

This is the south side of the platform at the end of the dock.  The birds like this area and leave their droppings here.

This photo confirms no birds can perch at the top of the pole now that the spikes are installed.

The moon will be full next week as it was barely visible through the atmosphere this afternoon.

While walking back toward the shore on the dock, I noticed how clear the lake water is using my polarizing filter on the camera.  The RED SHIFT was only visible in the photo after doing some post-processing of this image.  The reflected sunlight is brightest at the upper right corner of the photo.

Here is a second image closer to the shore also on the south side of the dock.

The last photo is the mid-dock light with its clean solar panel.  No birds perch here.  I did find some fine spider web under the solar panel that stretched over to the side lights.