Aquatic Weeds Observations PAGE 11.

June 7, 2020  The lake water level has been rising now that the drought conditions are pushed aside in June seasonal weather for Florida.

The lake water level has reached the top of the sea wall.

We kept wondering when the water was going to get over the top of the sea wall, but it is not today.

The far side of the 12 foot by 16 foot platform is sagging down to just a few inches above the water.

This corner of the lake behind our neighbor's house was the first place for the water to get above the top of the seawall.

The docks south of our location were all high enough to remain above the water.

There was one dock a few houses north of us with the end of dock under water.

Will the water get over the sea wall?

The highest water seen by Linda was after a hurricane when the water made it up to the fence in the back yard.

The highest level of the lake put the water just over the sea wall and into the grass behind the house.  The platform at the end of the dock touched the surface of the lake.

We discovered a pair of large mouth bass fish making nests along the sea wall at several locations.  The round "bowl" shape in the sand is where the female will lay eggs with the male depositing his sperm in the area of the eggs in the bowl.

This view is looking southwest across the lake.

This image looking west was taken at 9:09 AM on June 7, 2020.  Notice how there is a sag in the far side of the dock platform.  I get the feeling the tree seen here is leaning more to the south.  The turf on the north side of the tree is a bit higher than the south side of the tree.

June 23, 2020: Here is the dock when the lake water reached it's highest level and just got into the back yard above the sea wall.  The far side of the dock platform was in the water since that side of the dock has a sagging problem.  This is the first photo I have taken showing the water is now over the seawall and in the back yard at one location.  There is another issue that is the result of the high water over the sea wall.  The tree has leaned over a bit more as seen by the sod on the north side of the tree is now higher.

The water was coming up into the yard behind the house and into the neighbor's yard to the north.

June 30, 2020: I took this photo at 4:11 PM.  The dock is wet from an earlier rain shower.  I forgot to take this photo when the repair was made on May 30 on page 10.