Removing Aquatic Weeds:  DAY 4 PAGE 8.

April 23, 2020: The fourth day begins at 8:54 AM with the Caterpillar heading up the road 1/4 mile to the boat ramp, where is will unload the barge as all the debris is moved from the work zone.

This is the day I should have been walking the work zone looking for the missing plank from the dock.  It may still be out there in the mud.  Notice the barge is missing in this image taken at 9:04 AM as it has been moved to the boat ramp where the CAT is unloading the reeds and roots debris using the claw on the scoop shovel.

The neighbor to the north has this small boat house at the north edge of his property in the lake at the sea wall.

Here is a view of the dock showing the area where the cross brace is down by SIX inches.  That young man on the dock will help me get the cross brace up higher today.

Both boats are loading the empty barge for another unloading trip at the boat dock ramp.

The barge will not be loaded as heavy as the first load as the water level is low at the boat ramp.

The man on the barge is working with TWO of those poles to keep the barge stable when they are loading debris on it.

Now to see how high they will go to keep the barge from running aground in the boat ramp where the CAT is waiting to unload the barge.

The barge is back around lunch time for another load of debris at 12:03 PM.  The yellow plastic container contains diesel fuel for the work boats.

This photo is also stamped at 12:03 PM.  One work boat is behind the barge from my camera angle.  That is the one that is pushing the barge.  From this angle and with an empty barge, you can see the large size of the pontoons below the deck.

At 12:08 PM, the barge is ready to load for the next run to the boat ramp.

A second image at 12:08 PM.

Keep loading to get rid of the debris wall.

At the end of the day, the barge and both work boats are parked at the dock.  Those clouds in the west were over here this afternoon cutting the work short due to nearby lightning.  This day was Thursday with rain the next day, Friday and no work on the site.