Removing Aquatic Weeds:  DAY 5 PAGE 9.

April 24, 2020: Friday, Day FIVE was rained out with no work by the crew from Aquatic Weeds.  There were thunderstorms in the area.

April 26, 2020: Sunday is my day to work on the dock and get the plank squared away and get rid of the trip and fall possibility.  The water is low enough to work at this point along the board walk that my feet did not get soaked in my tennis shoes.

Here is the side view of that plank seen above.  This was the result of an early repair to get the plank and 2x8 board that is 10 feet long up to the correct level.  It is seen here about two inches below where it should be.  These boards were put together only with nails.  Now, there are lag bolts to make it more secure.

Here is the view of the cross brace below that needs to be raised along with the 10-foot long board between the 4x4 posts supporting the sections of the board walk to the platform at the end of the dock.  There is ONE green reed that was trapped between boards under the dock.  The two bolts at the right edge of the photo are secured into the side of the 4x4 post at this point where two 10-foot long sections come together.

I took three photos at sunset this day.  This one has the best detail with the flash from my camera illuminating the small tree in the foreground, and lighting up the BLUE reflective strip on the side of the barge tied to the end of the dock.  The debris barrier is still there beyond the big tree near the northwest corner of the work area.

Removing Aquatic Weeds:  DAY 6.

April 27, 2020: Monday morning is here and the crew picks up where they left of from Thursday.  More raking of floating weeds down close to the work boats.  The barge is being loaded with some of the debris from the western wall.  The low level of lake water still limits how much debris can be delivered to the boat ramp.

This photo taken at 4:24 PM shows the last of the debris from the wall on the barge.

This image also taken at 4;24 PM shows one of the front end baskets for the work boat that was changed.  There is still plenty of debris floating on the south side of the dock.  The other thing to notice in this photo is the distance the sagging dock platform is above the water level, almost FOUR FEET.

A number of 4x4 posts from next door are being brought up to the sea wall.

The work boats continue to load debris on the barge. 

Debris on the south side of the dock will be loaded on the barge.

The north side still has rake work needed to remove the last of the debris.

I am standing about half way down the dock as floating debris continues to drift under the dock.

Here is the view from midway down the dock looking southeast.

Here is the view looking south near the end of the dock.  More of the cut-off pilings next door are now visible due to the low water level in the lake.  The basket on the boat dock is visible at the bottom right corner of this picture.

This image taken at 4:31 PM is looking down to see the shadow of the dock where the basket is sitting on the dock.

This image taken at 4:35 PM shows one work boat ready to take the barge up to be unloaded at the boat ramp.

Here is the trailer parked at the boat ramp that gets loaded using the Caterpillar scoop shovel.

This is the ramp for lake access used by all boats.