Removing Aquatic Weeds:  DAY 2 PAGE 3.

April 21, 2020: The second day saw the arrival of the large pontoon barge to remove the cuttings from the work area and transport them to the boat launch area about a quarter mile north of our location.

Here is the view from above showing the end of the dock seen in the image above, to the boat landing in this image from Google Earth.

The barge is a flat bead surface on TWO large pontoons.  These work boats are made by Weedoo Greenboat, Inc. based in West Palm Beach, Florida.  The sickle bar cutter can be lowered as much as FIVE FEET below the water surface.  Details are found on this web page.

When the barge is filled with the cuttings, a work boat can push it up to the lake access point where the reeds get placed into a truck to be hauled away.

The boat working  on the south side of the dock has removed plenty of reeds.

Counting the number of visible 4x4 pilings indicates about 40 feet has been cleared going toward the shore from the platform at the end of this dock where I am standing to take this picture of the work so far.

There is still much to be done by the work boats.

The work boat on the north side continues to cut and move reeds up to the north side of the dock in the water while the barge is away being unloaded.

Here you can see how the reeds are stacked on top of each other.

Linda told me this board went missing during a hurricane a few years back.  She mentioned seeing it after the reeds were cut down and removed.  I wish I had it now to put it where it should be located.

This damaged part of the dock was due to a poor fit of the second section with the cross brace that came loose when I stepped on it a few months ago.  The displacement was about two inches down on the south side.  I was distracted during this project and stepped on this same spot again and it was down by SIX inches as you can see here and in the pages ahead.

The workboat on the north side of the dock is still making headway cutting and piling up the reeds on the north side of the dock.

The south side work boat has not returned with the barge from boat ramp.  The long 2x8 inch board on the west side of the platform has sagged as you can see here.  Linda has talked about having it repaired.  We don't come out here very often.