Removing Aquatic Weeds:  DAY 2 PAGE 4.

April 21, 2020: The second day continues as I have kept the number of photos per page with a limit of 14 images.  The south side work boat has arrived with the empty barge and has started loading from the pile of reeds stacked on the north side of the dock.  You can see a long pipe stuck thru the corner of the barge down into the mud to keep the barge from drifting away.

Both work boats are loading the barge as the reeds get cleared.

The boats moving back and forth from the reed piles to the barge is the story for this part of the day.

Repeat, repeat, repeat...

They are just getting started...

They can put the weeds on the large pontoon boat barge from all four sides.

The next door neighbor on the south side had a longer dock at one time.  Here are some remnants of that dock.

This view looking north from our dock shows how many weeds have been removed.

A few months ago, I was walking along the bridge to the dock platform and noticed one spot where the bridge sagged under my weight.  One long section from the sea wall was fine, but the beginning of the second 10-foot section had a problem where one side of the "board walk" had slipped about TWO INCHES below the first section.  The weeds were very thick here and I could not get a good picture at this time.

During the weed harvesting, I was distracted and stepped on the same place on the board walk and it slipped down from TWO INCHES to about SIX inches on the south side.  This will require some repair when the weeds are removed and I have access.  This image was taken with me again holding the camera out on the south side of the board walk.

I got distracted for a while and fonnd these guys are really cutting and removing the weeds quickly today.

The south side of the dock is also getting much attention.

Cut and then scoop up the weeds, and then take them to the pontoon boat barge.

When the barge is away being unloaded, the cuttings pile up on the north side of the dock in the water that is a few feet deep out here just over 100 feet from the shore.