More on the Development Work Near Our House - - PAGE 68.

November 15, 2018: Thursday and the crew gets busy leveling up the terrain and moving excess dirt piles out of this are where the park will be located.  There was a mound of dirt between these two front end loaders complete with a "NO TRESPASSING" sign.  The area is being leveled.

The dirt mound and debris near this old oak tree are being moved away.

Here is the same location with a different view from the "back yard" looking northeast at the new street under construction.

The large dump truck removes the dirt and debris shoveled up by these two graders.  Only the big yellow grader can dump the loads into the truck.  The little grader dumps into the shovel on the yellow grader.

The concrete wall is still visible and all these barricades and cones need to be moved today.

The NO TRESPASSING sign is "temporarily" erected.

The sidewalks are taking shape next to the road with a buffer area for grass between the curbs and the side walk.

This images shows a line of "DIRT and DUST" where the old asphalt road surface has been cut.  The NO TRESPASSING sign is moved to what could be its final location.

The front end loaders are making short work of the asphalt north of the cut line seen in the photo above.

The foreman of the crew that manages the surface water runoff to the drains has marked the "high water" line that I have photographed in the past with leaves in those locations.

Down at the south end of the access road, the blue water test hose has been removed.  That round steel case that protects the large water valve below has been replaced with one that will match the height of the new pavement that will be put in next week.

The last of the asphalt from the road is lifted from the ground by the little front-end loader and placed into the shovel of the bigger unit, then dumped into the dump truck body.  The "CUT LINE" in the asphalt is clearly visible in this image.

The concrete trucks keep coming to fill the molds for the sidewalks.

The water line crew is tamping down the dirt over the water main that runs from here into the development.  Another similar water main exists on the north side of the project.

This soil being installed below is something I have been waiting for to finish my modifications to the sprinkler system.  When the crew goes home, I should be able to dig down to the sprinkler and add some pipe nipples to bring the sprinkler up to ground level.  The white pipe was put there by me as a marker.  The crew left the pipe in position as the dirt was put there.