Work on the Street Brings Water to the Development - - PAGE 67.

October 1, 2018:  The first cut of the asphalt street was today.  A large water pipe will be put in from Meadowbrook Road to the streets on this side of the new housing development.  The asphalt pavement gets cut first in the easement for the Saint John's River management.

Here is the area near the old drainage ditch which is now buried  That white PVC pipe at the west end of the concrete wall marks the location of a water sprinkler that will be raised some time soon. 

Here is the area in front of the driveway.  That house in the background is 1361 Meadowbrook RD NE.

I moved the Toyota in case the street gets cut up past the driveway. but that is not happening today.

October 2, 2018:  The valve for the water line gets installed today.  There is more to do tomorrow to make it functional.

The "saddle" gets installed first around the existing city water main.  The pipe must be cleaned of all dirt and mud to provide a perfect seal.

More soil must be removed below the pipe for the valve to be installed.

Here is sideways view of the manifold being installed.

Each of bolts must be secure properly to keep the valve flange vertical.

The pipe must be pressure tested with water when everything is connected properly.

The water pressure valve was already installed on the test pipe.

Tomorrow the water company will come to drill the existing water pipe THROUGH the side of the valve.

More to come later...