Gutter Covers on the North and East sides of the House - - PAGE 66.

August 20, 2018:  Here is a pair of photos showing the gutter covers on the north side of the Florida Room and the patio area.

This is the west end of the Florida Room.  The downspout drains flow freely when the rain comes.  A total of 15 gutter covers were used for the north side of the house.  Two covers remain to be used for the East side of the house.

September 8,  2018:  Here is the current status of the gutter covers that have been installed on the EAST side of the house.  The length of the gutter is now proven to be 63 feet and 9 inches.  I started installing the 3-foot long covers yesterday morning before it got too hot to work in the sun.  I finished using the 22 covers this morning when I reached the southeast corner of the roof above the garage.  I had to cut off a 9-inch section of my last gutter cover, then shape it to have a 45-degree angle.  This allowed the remaining part of this cover to be installed on the south-facing gutter.  I did not cut the second piece to a 45-degree angle, allowing it to pass under the end of the 9-inch piece.

Here is the view of the southeast corner of the gutter from ground level.

The gutter runs the full length of the EAST side of the house and is now completely covered to keep leaves out of the gutter.

I found a small visitor in this photo showing the down spout at the northeast corner of the house.

The weather this afternoon was overcast for a couple of hours with the temperature around 80 degrees.  I was able to install five more covers on the front side of the house after blowing out some leaves.  I will post more photos as the covers are installed.  It felt very good to get a shower for me after working on this project today.

September 12, 2018:  I have finished the gutter cover installation all around the house.  I had bought 25 of the covers, each 3 feet long to complete the job across the front of the house.  I came up short by TWO covers which I picked up from Home Depot yesterday afternoon.  I put up the ONE cover that was full length (3 feet) and used the last cover to cut the short sections needed at a couple of corners in the gutter lengths across the front of the house.  This first photo shows the front side of the house with the gutter that is 32 feet long and was the start of the recent purchase of 25 covers.  Those spots on the sides of the gutters are mold that needs to be washed off with a sponge mop.

This photo shows the front windows of the living room and the three glass window blocks in the toilet room for the master bath.  The last of the three short lengths cut from one of the two newest covers was fitted to the gutter intersection above the glass blocks this morning.

I have been wanting to trim the hibiscus tree.  It was done yesterday to get my ladder in the right place for installing gutter covers across the southern outside wall of the master bath areas.

And at last, the end of the job is this short gutter on the west side of the shower in the master bath.  The other two short pieces of the final gutter cover were placed here to turn the corner from the front of the house to this west side.  Now all I have left to do is wait for the next rain to come and walk around the house with my umbrella to see all the down spouts flowing.  All the gutters were cleaned with my leaf blower before each group of covers were installed.  I will provide more information on this page when the leaves fall on the house.