Back Yard and More - - PAGE 65.

August 2,  2018:  My other concern is the digging in the back yard to expose underground cables and a water sprinkler pipe seen in this image below.

Digging went from a narrow trench to this bigger scoop closer to the property line.

This is a view from the north showing the narrow trench opening to the wider scoop.

The dirt pile is bigger now looking west and the "jungle" is getting out of hand.

This view is looking north the BIG scoop area near the camera has nothing but tree roots.  It is the area close to the property line than can become a new easement area where the CATV feeder line and the line extender pedestal box can be relocated.  I am publishing this page on August 6, 2018 after a visit from the Spectrum Cable line technician who works this area.  I showed him the details of the work being done here and the location of the cables from the access road across the back yard to this dig site.  He assured me they can repair any cable damage from the construction site contractors in ONE DAY.  I told him about what I have heard about a permanent wall that could be built near the property line.

Here is the area at the old trench where the CATV cable is buried just to the right side of that concrete wall.  I put that white pipe there to mark the location of a sprinkler head I will raise as they finish the landscape contour to insure good drainage.  There is apparently another inspection required before the final fill dirt is applied that will cover the concrete wall with 1.6 inches of soil and turf.

September 1, 2018:  The roads are getting prepped for pavement soon.  The two streets at the entrance already have shell fill and concrete curbs.

The water retention pond near the center of this photo has just had grass sod laid down on the shore line this past week.  This is the first time I have seen they have been putting in curbs for the main street from the traffic circle at the entry to the development.

September 5, 2018:  This photo taken today shows the street closest to the house getting shell fill, but I have not seen them pouring concrete curbs here.

The bulldozer  immediately spreads the truck load of shell fill that is commonly the roadbed for paved streets in central Florida.

This is the wide view of the area from our lot to the street preparations north of lots 22 and 23.

The area above shows the concrete main drain for rain water in this area with most of the soil around it awaiting final grooming that will cover the original concrete wall under about 2 inches of soil and may have some sod installed.  When this area by the old concrete wall gets finished, I will point out the drainage from our lot needs some soil added on this side of the wall to insure the rainwater can reach the drain.

September 6, 2018:  I met with a couple of guys recently who do lawn work for the construction company developing the golf course home sites.  I gave them some information about the "jungle" that WAS behind the neighboring houses on the west side of our house.  They cleared out the wild stuff next door, and trimmed the back yard area north of the construction fence behind our house.  I have still not seen anyone associated with the explorative digging looking for cables back there.

Here is the "jungle" photo from near the top of this page for comparison to the cleared photo just above.

Here are some photos of the work area adjacent to lot 23 on the sanitary sewer pump station.

Each day sees the extension of the roadbed with shell fill soil.  This roller is used to smooth the roadbed as it gets up near ground level before the concrete curbs are poured.

The road heads northeast from here as you can see.  The bulldozer spreads each truck load of roadbed fill material as it is delivered.  The loud "bang" of the dump truck tail gate closing announces each new load of fill material being delivered.  The BLUE pipes at the bottom of this photo will be used to bring city water into this side of the development.  I heard another connection for city water is planned for the north side of the construction zone.