Waterworks and More - - PAGE 63.

June 28,  2018:  Blue Pipes are water pipes and they are starting to put these into the streets.  This is the street directly behind the house for lots 22 and 23.

All the work appears to be about water.  Those concrete fixtures are for the storm drains.  That big green pipe near the trees marks the location of the location of the pump for the sanitary sewer system.

This six-foot TALL grass is behind the house at the edge of the original drainage trench. This is where the three-foot diameter concrete pipe begins passing under the driveway in the Saint Johns River Water Management easement at the East side of the property.  It is near the access road to the old golf course maintenance shed.  The "mowed" grass at the bottom of the photo is growing rapidly now that the rainy season has started.

The white pipe at the bottom left corner of this photo marks the location of the cable TV amplifier in the utility easement behind the house.  The area behind the house next door on the west side now has the grass and weeds getting out of hand, not mowed.  I have the grass back here mowed behind our house.

On the other side of the drainage ditch, the contractor has mowed the grass in this area and behind several houses East of our location.  Take a look at the tree shadow on the right side of this photo, as I stood over there to take the photo below this one.

This photo is looking West at the weeds and tall grass on the edge of the drainage ditch.  The camera angle is low and shows the pavement of the access road seen with some telephoto lens action.

This image pointed toward our house has wide-angle view.

This is a wide-angle view looking west across the steel cable that blocks the access road.  Lots 22 and 23 are beyond that steel post and the tall grass and drainage ditch currently blocked and out of service..

Here is a view looking north across the construction site from the same camera location in the photo above.

This telephoto image looks a little to the RIGHT of the photo above.  This area is at the north side of the construction site.

This image is taken from the tallest location of the green grass of the same camera location in the above photos, but the look angle is West looking at lots 22 and 23.  The blue pipes are the same ones seen in the first photo at the top of this page.

The last photo today shows a house under construction on the west side of the construction area in the lot across the cul-de-sac from your brother's house.  I drove by the front of the site yesterday but did not take a photo.  I did see they have the roof trusses on site and ready to install.

This page was published July 3, 2018.