Old Maintenance Shed Area Clean-up - - PAGE 62.

June 13,  2018:  This view of the putting green area behind the house shows some of the water from the rain last night.

Those scoop shovels do more than moving dirt.  This is the area behind the house next door at 1361 Meadowbrook Road NE as it starts removing debris from the old golf course maintenance shed area.  Take notice of the old black flexible irrigation water lines pile up behind the dump truck.

The machine operator takes a short break until an empty dump truck comes back to this location.

Those irrigation lines are mostly inside the dump truck.  There are concrete slab remnants waiting to be loaded in the next dump truck.

The machine operator very carefully used his scoop to put those hanging parts of the hoses into the dump bin.

The machine operator very easily picked up this slab of concrete and is waiting for a dump truck to return.

There were a few concrete slab segments that were all put into this one dump truck to be carted away.

Now that the "garbage" is gone, the GPS bull dozer is back to the job of laying out the streets.

The next work he has to do is over in phase 2.  I used my camera telephoto lens setting to get this image which also shows a home with solar panels on the roof beyond the work area.

The dirt here is waiting to be moved to create the landscape.

Here is one area that is the source of fill dirt to be used on another part of the property.

This image shows how deep they are digging to create a trench or holding pond as the remove the soil for use elsewhere.

The road graded the other day behind the house is now a crossing point for the dump trucks across the drainage ditch.

This view is from the end of the paved access road.