Storm Drains Going in Behind the House PAGE 57.

April 12, 2018:  Today the photos show storm drains and man holes going into the area behind the house.  The crew is installing a large pump on some "temporary" water connections to provide drainage as they start to layout the street in front of the two lots behind the house.

This closer view shows this to be a pump.  Another pump is visible in the background near the bull dozer.  The GREEN pipes connect between the man hole locations.

The view looking northeast shows the next section to be worked on after zone 1 behind the house.

All the views on this page down to here were taken from the north end of the old golf course access road that connects our driveway to Meadowbrook Road.

This view is from the northeast corner of our lot.

This view is from the property line behind the Florida Room.

Wide-angle view from the same camera location used in the photo above.

Here is the center of the photo above ZOOMED in to show some man holes already connected together with the green pipes.  You can see the same type of blue pump being installed in the first photos at the top of this page.  Soil has been filled around the pre-formed concrete man holes.