Rain and Roof Leak in the Kitchen (again) PAGE 55.

March 21, 2018:  We had some heavy rain one day this week.  The leaves and the pine tree pollen debris (brown stuff) that was piled up on the roof of the Florida room has exposed the need for more leak treatment up there.

I took the leaf blower and my leaf rake up on the roof and started clearing the area preparing for another leak treatment up there.

The whole roof over the Florida room is now cleared.  I got down on my knees to examine where I can apply more sealant.  I have found a professional roof sealant available at Lowe's and will put it on the suspected leak area when the weather is warmer to help with curing the stuff.

March 29, 2018:  I looked at the photo above taken on March 21 and zoomed in to show a hole where ants were going in and out of that hole and another hole on the other side of the vent pipe.  The photos showing the new BLACK sealant are on the NEXT PAGE.  I did not see the ants until I went up to put the sealant on this pipe on March 29.

March 21, 2018:  As long as I was on the roof, I took a few photos of the golf course work behind our house.  The area on the left of this photo with the white pile of sand is naturally a low area where they will install a sewage pump station over in the area where the older trees will remain.  Fill dirt has been added to level up the lot on the left of the putting green.  There will be two homes built on these two lots.  My recent map from the city is shown on page 54.

This is the north edge of the roof with the gutter now completely cleared of leaves and debris.  My leaf blower is ready to clear the gutter on the west side of the guest room.

These photos were taken with my personal cell phone and reprocessed to my normal sizes for these web pages.  Here is a wider view of the work area and the back yard that was always part of the golf course property in the green grass located on this side of the putting green.  The black fabric construction fence with the white wooden stakes is located at the property line that is 15 feet north of the two bedrooms on the north end of the house.

With improving weather coming in the next few days, I will be up on the Florida room roof to spray the sealant.