Golf Course Preparations PAGE 53.

February 21, 2018:  The earth moving is beginning out back.  There is a water retention pond that is being pumped dry as they make the future alignment of streets possible before building a new retention pond in a different area.

Most of the palm trees are being removed by the drainage ditch behind the house.

The downed palm trees are moving to the old putting green until they can be hauled off the property.

These same three pieces of heavy equipment are working in two different locations grooming the landscape for the future building lots and streets.

February 27, 2018:  The markings for the cable TV in the rear easement have been sprayed again and stakes for the underground power cables with flags have also been added.

I hope to meet with the Palm Bay Land Development Office this week to discuss this easement area and the status of the big oak trees as the work goes forward.  Placement of any permanent fence by the developer will also be on my agenda.

February 28, 2018:  This is the last day of the month in this non-leap year.  Three out of FIVE sprinklers in the northwest zone are north of the property line and have been there for many years.  The paint markings and the stakes indicate this has been a UTILITY EASEMENT for all that time.  The house was built in 1972, back when the golf course was active.  Cable TV service, telephone, and FPL electric wires run in this easement behind the house.

Moving a bit closer to these sprinklers shows the CATV amplifier pedestal with a white PVC pipe next to it located about 20 feet north of the property line.  I have always considered that as the back edge of the property easement area.  The white PVC pipe is lined up with the property line surveyors stakes.  In all my years in the cable television industry, these CATV pedestals for taps and amplifiers are usually placed near the corner of a property line to connect cables to both houses.  

There is one sprinkler by the bush near the house on the right side of this photo.   It is one of TWO sprinklers in that northwest group inside the property.  The remains of the big tree stump are now mostly covered by GREEN grass sod squares removed from the area where the ground is going to graded near the putting green when the development moves ahead to laying out two building lots.  Take note of the two palm trees in the upper left corner of this image as they are watered by the sprinkler you will see in the next photo below this one.

Here is the second of the two sprinklers in the NW group located along the west edge of the lot.  This one and the one in the photo above both provide water to the area with the new sod over the old tree stump.  The northern reach of this sprinkler seen below has coverage past the palm trees near the corner of the lot.