NEW Leak in the Kitchen PAGE 44.

June 5, 2017:  There was some much needed rain today and the streets were full of water when I returned from an errand this afternoon.  When the rain stopped, I went out to get some groceries.  While I was gone, Carol's son Mark found a leak that had created a "paint blister" near the shelves to the right side of the kitchen sink.  This new leak is 36 inches to the RIGHT from the first leak that was at the light above the center of the sink in 2014.

Here is a closer view of the new leak site.  Mark pushed through the paint to drain the water from the "blister".  The yellow line shows the edges of the blister before Mark let the water out of it.  I have reviewed the leak I documented on PAGE 8.  I will look up the contact we used to repair the roof in August 2014 on page 8.

June 6, 2017:  Here is the amount of water from overnight in a one-liter container about two-thirds full.  I went to bed at midnight and took this photo at 5:30 AM.  Today is garbage day and I was up early as I had not put the two large cans on the curb last night.  It was raining when I went to bed.  The rain is not coming down as I write this at 6 AM.  Only the dripping of water from the trees is heard outside.

ICE MAKER Replacement.

October 30, 2017:  The 2002 date on the refrigerator attests to the 15 years of service for the ice maker that stopped completely this past weekend.  I went to Sears and got a Whirlpool approved ice maker which was easy to install in place of the old one.  The old one seen here had been running in a mode that kept making ice even when the ice bin was completely full for its final two weeks before it quit working at all.

It was also over-flowing slightly when the tray would refill for the next batch of ice.  Here is a piece of the non-stick coating from the inside of the ice tray that came out with an ice cube a few weeks ago.  Yes, I know the ICE is not shaped like a cube, but we all know this is the common name.

Here is the OLD unit on the left and the NEW one on the right in this photo.

This view angle reveals how much the old ice tray has been worn down.  When the harvest motor stopped working, it was in this DOWN position which was in the middle of the last under-sized ice "cubes" made when it quit working.

Here is the box from Sears for the new unit.  I would guess it was made in Canada since it has French writing on it.

New Leak - Round 2.

January 4, 2018:  The second leak in the kitchen came back with a recent rain event.  I knew there must be leaves on the roof of the Florida Room as clearing the last time stopped the leak unit a few days ago.  I cleared away the new leaves and cleared the gutter at the north side of the Florida room.  This part of the roof was still damp when I took these two photos.  

This is the area of interest where the southeast corner of the roof from the Florida room meets the main roof on the north side of the house.

January 7, 2018:  I bought two silicone caulking tubes yesterday to work on this area of the roof.  I used up all of one silicone tube on the suspected leak area.  One tube remains if I need to do more to this area.  That is the gray bag from Lowe's stuck in the plumbing vent pipe to keep it from blowing away while I am working on the roof.

Here is the closer view of the area treated with silicone RTV today.  I cleared the leaves from the work are before applying the silicone caulking. The light wind some leaves on top of my fresh silicone material.  Now we wait until it rains again to check for leaking water in the kitchen.